Rahul Nana: An Amazing Talent

Last week, I was bored and reading through my Facebook to fill some time, when I discovered a video of an amazing teenage musical talent.  His voice made my skin tingle as I watched the video, and when I learned more about him, I immediately vowed to share his story with my readers.  Let me tell you a little bit about him, and you will see why he is so amazing.

Rahul is 15 years old and lives in Florida.  He is the nephew of one of my husband’s oldest friends, and he was born and raised here in the U.S. He is a regular high school kid who loves sports, but he is so much more .  He has big talent and big goals.

What makes Rahul so special is that he has never had any musical training.  He has self-taught himself the keyboard and honed his singing talent on his own.  And the Hindi song he is singing?  He doesn’t understand the words.  Rahul beautifully sings Hindi songs, as well as songs in many other languages, none of which he speaks, like a seasoned professional.

His father told me that he enjoys performing at parties, receptions, and weddings, and would love to join an Indian band, and participate in competitions here and abroad.  He would love to compete in the Indian Idol Atlanta contest, as well, and I believe he can blow the competition out of the water!

I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.  He and his parents are a testament to the fact that the richness of Indian culture is not lost on younger generations, and that with the right support, kids can achieve anything they set their minds too.  He has an amazing gift and I wish him the best in the pursuit of his dreams!

Rahul has a Facebook fan page and is on YouTube.  Here are the links.




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11 thoughts on “Rahul Nana: An Amazing Talent

  1. I agree. He is talented. But what I found most remarkable was his accent. Given that he was born and raised in the U.S., the total lack of “American accent” making its way into his Hindi words is amazing in and of itself. Believe me, there aren’t many examples of kids speaking unaccented Hindi here even when the parents happen to be native Hindi speakers. And the boy doesn’t even understand the language? That’s just crazy! 🙂

    • It is crazy, isn’t it! He’s definitely a special guy. Thanks for your feedback….I’m sure Rahul will be so happy!

  2. Mrs.Sheryl,
    Thank you for appreciating my attempt to keep indian culture alive in the USA. Also, a very big thank you for your help in promoting me. I promise to keep you on my distribution list when ever I post more music. Please look out for my latest two songs, one in english and the other in punjabi, I’m planing to post soon. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and please don’t forget to send me your comments…… I’m looking forward to thank you in person one day:)

    • Please do keep me informed on more songs! And I hope my readers send you plenty of good comments! I know they’re out there watching!

  3. Well done Young Man. Your dad made a mark in SA, but had to leave after SA dealt him with one of its worst characteristics (crime). Glad you taking it from where he left off. U have an exciting and glamorous road ahead. All the best!

  4. Rahul, you are an inspiration to us all, old and young! I have heard your voice grow over the years and the improvement shows from all your hard work and dedication to your love of hindi music. You have a bright future ahead of you, there is no doubt!! You are AWESOME!!!

  5. Unbelievable! It took me a whole lot of staring to believe what I was seeing and listening to – thankfully, it was just at my screen :p Rahul’s voice is smooth as silk and it is evident his expression of the emotion in this song comes from the chords the notes strike rather than the meaning of the words. Classic example of music being a universal language. Heartfelt best wishes for this kid to go places as he rightly deserves to.

  6. His voice just sent shivers down my spine. Why is he not already in Bollywood singing playback? Heck, with his looks he could become one of the new generation of Bollywood actors who sings AND acts.

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