Jumping Back into the Blogging Pool

Blog July I’m sitting at my laptop for the first time in almost a month, and my heart is pounding. The blank page taunts me, because my head is a so empty. I hear the echo of my writer’s voice pinballing around inside there, but my former cat-like mental reflexes have slowed to nothing, and all ideas ping beyond my grasp. For a month, I’ve done nothing but chauffeur kids to camps and practices, clean up trails of Star Wars Legos and dirty dishes, and nag my offspring to wake up before noon and just

Help.Me.Out! Summer FB collage The shrillness of my own voice has exploded my creativity into nothing but dust on my floors that needs to be swept up, with the mud clods our sweet new puppy brings in. Southern Life, Indian Wife has temporarily turned into Tornado Life, Slightly Unhinged Wife. crazy mom So, to pick up the pieces of my sanity and unfinished blogging, I’ve hidden myself in my bedroom. Sort of a mommy time-out turned air-conditioned sanctuary. Nervously, stealthily, I’m dipping my toe back into the writing flow, because I have so much to share. I’ve met the coolest lady EVER, who happens to be Indian, and just totally “gets” me. I’ve had the privilege of watching two young men who, in the face of good-ol’-southern racism, have displayed more character in their little fingers than most people put together. And, despite my whining, have enjoyed some lazy, sunny days with my kids, who are just growing up too fast. So here goes…stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Jumping Back into the Blogging Pool

  1. Good for you for working to conquer writer’s block! I know how difficult that is, I’m struggling with it myself. What kind of puppy did y’all get (congrats!)? 🙂

    • He’s a black lab mix. Super smart. The best thing is, he’s my son’s dog, so I get to pet him and hand him back to my son!
      How are you handling your writer’s block?

      • I’m not handling it well, at all. I’m reading other blogs, books, and essays and trying to get inspired. Part of the problem is, the few times that inspiration has struck, I’ve been in the middle of chaos like walking two high-spirited dogs who think it’s fun to tangle leashes and then when I get back to my waiting laptop…nothing. My muse is cruel! Thank you for asking though, that’s kind of you.

  2. Can’t wait to hear more! Being a mother is so overwhelming (and I only have one so far!!!!!). OMG you must be swamped. Take some much deserved “me” time and time for reflection.

    • Thanks! Time off from kids is important, as I’m sure you know, even with one! We moms have to keep our brains from atrophy! 🙂

  3. Welcome back!
    I have been in that same state for 2 months, and am trying to fall back into writting, once things settle a little and I got over the fact that I now have 4 hours in my day all for myself at home instead of barely two squished into a day of running around like last academic year…why did I not put her on that bus last year…sigh.

    • Aaah, the bus is an awesome thing! I love my kids, but every little bit of bought free time is golden! I look forward reading more on your blog now that you’re falling back into writing, too. 🙂

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