My Favorite Dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner


Yay…Turkey Day is almost here!

In less than 24 hours, I will scramble around my kitchen, wiping counters and loading the dishwasher, as guests file inside my house.  Uncles and aunts and grandma will settle in to chat, while all of the little people will giggle and scurry around the house, holding Lego soldiers and fuzzy stuffed animals, excited to play with cousins they see too seldom.  Stomachs will growl…some of us will be wearing elastic waist pants…in anticipation of our family’s most anticipated meal of the year, Thanksgiving dinner.

I had the opportunity to share our family’s Georgia-style Thanksgiving experience on Pocket Cultures: The World in Your Pocket this year.  Hop on over there and read more…

Then, come back and share your favorite Thanksgiving dishes and memories in your family!  I’m thankful to have readers to share favorite foods with…tell us about yours!

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Sheryl, our Thanksgiving tradition is that we have no tradition. This year we had pizza and Indian food. We do this- we eat whatever we want and are thankful for it :-).

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