My South Asian Parent Story

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When I was a new wife and mom, more years ago than I’d like to count, I wandered the self-help aisles of bookstores almost weekly.  I guess I was a typical newbie at everything family, and needed support and guidance in how to deal with cultural differences, living with a man and all of his manly, loud football watching ways, and eventually the insanity of raising babies.

So, I paged through countless books until they were dog-eared and falling apart.  Remember books?  Dead trees bound into pages, with no hyperlinks or videos embedded in the text. Feeling old?

In modern times, young’uns and, ahem, mature folks, have the web to walk them through all of life’s stages, and I’m thrilled to be one of SAP-Icon-Bluethose providing some of that support.  I recently contributed to South Asian Parent, which is a resource site for women with a South Asian connection. I love the site, because it not only supports women with a South Asian connection in honoring their culture, but also shares information on universal women’s issues, like parenting, relationships, and self-care.

On the site, I share the beginning of my journey into cross-cultural life, the story which many of you already know. My husband and I have figured out our way unique way to blend our cultures and family I am excited about reaching more women now and really look forward to being a part of open and honest discussions with readers.  You don’t have to be South Asian to enjoy the site.  Jump on over there!



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