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The royal baby is here.  Kate Middleton was in the hospital in labor since this morning, and delivered a baby boy, according to news sources around the world.  From aerial views shown on the Today show, London crowds were hoarding around the hospital, anxiously awaiting the announcement of the baby’s arrival.

Though I’m American, I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with the royal family.  I was ten years old when Lady Diana married Princes Charles, and I sat entranced in front of my living room TV, watching her walk down the aisle to her dreamboat groom in front of thousands of adoring subjects. The poofs of her long-trained wedding gown were the object of my princess fantasies for longer than I should admit.  I often imagined that I, a commoner like Diana, could find a prince to whisk me away into the world of crowns and estates and horse drawn carriages.  But, alas, as I grew into my tweens, a stark reality hit me.  British royalty lived in a truly alternate reality, inhabited by people who were somehow just a little above us mere mortals in Suburbia, U.S.A. No pedigreed prince would ever mix with a girl with Kentucky lineage.  Thank goodness, as luck would have it, my real prince charming did show up and whisk me away; though no horse drawn carriages were involved.

But, wait.  They royals are not so different from us after all.  According to a CNN report, genetic testing has determined that Prince William actually has Indian DNA.  According to the report, his great, great, great, great grandmother, Eliza Kewark was a housekeeper of Indian heritage.

So, the mother of the coming royal baby is a commoner, albeit a rich, well-bred one.  And Prince William is descended from an Indian housekeeper.

I guess the royals really are real people after all.

As I think about Kate Middleton delivering her child in the London hospital, I truly sympathize with her, and wish her the best.  I remember all too well my suffering during the births of my babies, and the speculation of what they would be like.  For us, friends and family always pondered how Indian each child would look.  Would this one be dark?  Would this one have black hair?  As if that mattered.

My husband I welcomed our warm squirmy bundles into our arms each time, only concerned with the number of fingers and toes each child had.  Sure, I laughed to see how much dark fuzz a couple of them had on their backs and cheeks, like many Indian babies are born with.  But, I also marveled at the sweetness of their lips and the sparkle in their eyes.  They weren’t  half Indian or half white babes.  They were just babies, love and they were worshipped by parents and grandparents, and siblings because they were, simply, ours.

When the Kate Middleton and Prince William finally got to hold their new miracle in their arms, I’m sure they felt the same gush of indescribable emotion that my husband and I felt.

I wish this new royal baby the privilege of having been born into the loving arms of parents who wanted only to count his or her fingers or toes, and to marvel at the sweetness of his lips, and the sparkle of his eyes.  He is not really a royal baby, or a mixed heritage baby, or a baby of privilege.  He is just a baby.

Congratulations to his mommy and daddy.

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  1. It was a plesure reading your blogs. It makes my day. Keep up as is it very interesting.God bless you and the family.

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